Chartered Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisers & Statutory Auditors


Our services allow you, as the entrepreneur, to do what you do best and run your business without getting overwhelmed with accountancy requirements. Our services are tailored to each clients needs and we pride ourselves in providing an all round package.

Specialist Accounts



Accounts Preparation

Preparation of statutory accounts is complicated especially nowadays with all the disclosures which are required. We can advise on the filing deadlines and ensure that the statutory requirements are met.



Being audit registered we can provide this service for all types of businesses. In addition to the normal statutory requirements for an audit, it may be that you are a solicitors practice requiring a client account audit or a small firm requiring verification for its shareholders. We can help with any requirements you may have.


Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping can be a significant burden to clients but it is essential to maintain complete and correct records. We can coordinate your records and ensure they are maintained as legally required.


Capital Gains Tax

We can provide a service of calculating tax due on any capital disposals and ensure all the necessary submissions are made.


Corporation Tax

This tax has also now fallen under self assessment, which means the onus is on the company to ensure the correct returns and tax payments are made. We can assist with dealing with all the statutory requirements and ensure compliance with the regulations.


Inheritance Tax

This tax does not just affect the very wealthy, as is often the myth. Nowadays, due to the rising house prices, many individuals find that they could be charged inheritance tax if no planning is put in place. We can assist with planning to mitigate the taxation liability wherever possible.



This can be a time consuming and complicated area for any business. There are many statutory requirements surrounding payroll and the legislation is constantly changing. We can provide a service that will ensure you are up to date and paying the correct amount of tax for your employees.


Personal Tax

Self assessment has put the burden onto the tax payer so you may be required to submit a tax return even if you have not received one from HMRC. The onus is on the individual to ensure they have met with all the statutory requirements. We can assist with completion of returns and advising of the necessary deadlines. We believe it is essential to undertake individual tax planning to mitigate payments due.


Shipping Industry

We are in the unique position of being able to provide tax advice to the Shipping industry which has its own unique tax rules for Ships and the option of the Tonnage Tax Regime.


Tax Investigations

The HMRC can pick anyone for an investigation; it is not just very large companies that are targeted. Individuals can be investigated and so can very small companies. We can assist with Revenue enquires and ensure the smooth running of an investigation. We also offer Professional Fee Protection insurance to all our clients which will cover professional fees on a full investigation by the Revenue.


Tax Planning

As Chartered Tax Advisors we are always alert to tax planning opportunities when dealing with our clients affairs. We are also in the unique position to offer excellent tax planning strategies if your circumstances require.




Our VAT service usually links in with our bookkeeping service as we can provide this as part of a package. It is essential that records are kept in good order for VAT purposes and that the returns are submitted correctly and promptly. We can provide the necessary service to ensure the statutory requirements are met.







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